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Ron Quintal announces bid for MNA Presidency

PHOTO. Supplied.

Ron Quintal has changed his mind about running for the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA).

Quintal announced his bid for the Presidency on Monday, a change of tune from April when he said he would not seek any position with the nation.

“Following the Daniels decision, a path to sovereignty, dignity and prosperity has been opened for Metis people in Alberta and across Canada. I can’t overstate how transformative Daniels is. But the current make-up of Head office has become bloated & self-interested. They conform to some of the worst stereotypes of Aboriginal governance, which I feel is why the Nation has been unable to move forward,” said Quintal.

“The MNA is not helping the cause of Metis advancement, they are hindering it, by blatant attempts to muzzle and hold back Metis communities from seeking success through independence. It is time for a wholesale change. Metis people across Alberta should and can have the opportunities we’ve created at Fort McKay.”

At the beginning of June, the Fort McKay Metis filed an injunction against the MNA for alleged business interference. According the Fort McKay Metis, the MNA approached stakeholders and industry claiming to speak on behalf of the community.

Quintal’s platform consists of a fundamental change between Metis people and the MNA.

  • A redistribution of authority and, more importantly, funding, away from Head Office, to local Metis Regions and Communities – good governance is local governance
  • Focusing the work of the MNA on leveraging the Daniels decision to a clear and tangible path to Metis self-governance and sovereignty, through an inclusive process with our regions and communities. The MNA should be a forceful voice with other levels of government to demand action, not junket seeking and endless empty meetings
  • Renew MNA accountability by reviving institutions like the Judiciary Council and the Metis Senate
  • Conduct a full, third-party assessment of the operations of Head office, and creating a fluid governance process that includes our local leaders in decisions that affect the Nation.


The election is on September 18th.