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Rex Murphy presented key to the Municipality for advocating the regions oilsands industry

PHOTO. Councillors Keith McGrath, Krista Balsom, Mike Allen along with Mayor Don Scott and Councillors Verna Murphy and Sheila Lalonde presented Rex Murphy with a key to the Municipality at the annual Oil Sands Trade Show and Conference at MacDonald Island Park on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018. Melanie Walsh. REPORTER.

During the annual Oil Sands Trade Show and Conference at Macdonald Island, Rex Murphy was a keynote speaker at a luncheon.

Known for his outspoken advocacy for pipelines, the CBC The National reporter and National Post columnist gave MyMcMurray his thoughts on the current state of the Trans Mountain and Keystone XL pipeline expansions.

“The oil sands trade show at this time is a very crucial thing. I have pointed out at the talk today, you have been barred off from the east, you’re barred off north and even though Keystone has been given the go ahead, it’s been stalled like everything else,” said Murphy.

“Here you have the one resource that the entire province and part of the nation depends on and you’re not allowed to deliver it, in any other world this process as they call it would be looked upon as a kind of civic insanity.”

He went on to add that the benefits that flow from the oilsands industry, what the oilsands mean to confederation, other provinces, those who have found work, and the Indigenous partners who have signed on as part of the activity never see headlines as those who are opposed of the pipeline.

“I’ve heard both of the chiefs yesterday, Chief Boucher in particular, the great projects he’s involved in, these are spectacularly positive stories, said Murphy.

Murphy added that stories of oilsands told outside of Alberta are all profiting from saying one project in Northern Alberta is going to end the world and the reason behind the court’s decision to halt the pipelines was from the preconceptions of what people think oilsands are, mentalities that have been created by a propaganda stream.

“You got morons like Neil Young and Dicapiro who know nothing and waltz around the world trying to preach out people trying to make a living,” said Murphy.

He says he feels that the oilsands have been “battered over the head for 20 years,” have had very few real defenders and that national politicians and prime ministers have not stood up for the oilsands to the degree they should.

“I keep waiting for the green delegations to arrive in Fort Mac and see what’s being done here and why they should be supporting it,” said Murphy.

For his advocacy for the community and the regions oilsands industry Mayor Don Scott and council presented Murphy with a key the the municipality.

Community champions usually come from inside your community; but occasionally a champion arises from another part of the…

Posted by Mayor Don Scott on Wednesday, September 12, 2018