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Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign brings in over $19K for NLHF

Last Updated Oct 9, 2018 at 11:03 am MDT

The annual Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign brought in $19,870 for the Northern Lights Health Foundation, NLHF.

For one week in September all of the proceeds from the $1 Smile Cookie went towards improving health care in the region.

Jessica Lipton, events manager with the NLHF told MyMcMurray that Alberta Health Service North Zone and the foundation haven’t decided what the money will be used for yet.

“It’ll either be new medical equipment for the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre or different services and programs within the region of Wood Buffalo,” said Lipton. 

Our local Tim Hortons will also be continuing to support the NLHF throughout the year by providing prizes, food and drinks for the foundations special events and has committed to donate the funds from the Smile Cookie campaign for the next five years.

“That’s huge for us, said Lipton, “Money we can bank on having to support other health care innovation initiatives.”