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RMWB expects 'many more' homes to be complete in months ahead

PHOTO. Houses in Beacon Hill rebuilding after being destroyed by the 2016 wildfire. Jenna Hamilton/ Morning Reporter.

Rebuilt homes continue to be deemed safe for families to move into with nearly 800 complete, compared to roughly 500 in May.

As of Oct. 5, 797 homes have been rebuilt since the wildfire and many more are in the building process.

In an email, Adam Hardiman, spokesman for the municipality said it expects the rebuild to be a three to five year process.

“In terms of timing, we are about where we thought we would be from a community perspective, understanding we are recovering from the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history.”

He said 2,105 development permits related to the rebuild have been issued as of Oct. 5, so it expects many more homes to complete the building process in the months ahead.

With 2,579 buildings destroyed in the wildfire that means over 80 per cent have a development permit to rebuild.