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Pilot course teaches Anzac students how to live off the land

PHOTO. Supplied. Northland School Division. Students participate in locally-developed land-based learning course.

Students at Bill Woodward School in Anzac have been participating in the pilot of a locally developed land-based learning course.

In October, staff and students left the classroom for a three day land-based learning camp, living in trapper tents with stoves and learning survival skills.

During the camp, students became “fire building experts”, learned axe safety, moose calling and tracking techniques.

The course also includes a trapping unit teaching students how to operate a working trapline, a unit teaching survival skills for spring and winter, along with traditional medicines, where to sleep and figuring out direction.

The river and lakes unit will have students fishing and learning how to traditionally preserve them.

The pilot is funded by Syncrude, ConocoPhilips, Nexen and Inner Diesel Ltd. and developed by the school with supper from elders, Traditional Teachings and Actua.

The school plans to submit the course to Alberta Education for the 2019-2020 school year.