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Anti-pipeline campaign by Lush prompts boycott

Last Updated Dec 3, 2018 at 3:06 pm MDT

Many people in the region are spreading the word that this Christmas, there won’t be any presents from Lush Cosmetics under their trees.

A campaign to stop pipelines by the company has resurfaced on social media and has local consumers fighting back ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Laila Goodridge, MLA of Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche told MyMcMurray she stopped shopping at Lush a long time ago.

“I’m truly sad to see a Canadian company target our most important industry, Alberta’s energy sector,” 

Robbie Picard, who has a Facebook page called Oil Sands Strong, said our entire energy industry is in a crisis mode and we need to unite against the company.

“Companies like Lush, they need to understand that if they are going to kick us or they are going to attack and try stop pipelines and work with the people that are paid to shut us down, then they won’t have any business in Alberta, so I’m encouraging everyone in Alberta to boycott all of their stores,” said Picard.

Melanie Galea, local realtor, also has her own Facebook page, Discover Fort McMurray, and was recently chosen by the municipality to be the host at their #vocalaboutlocal campaign launch.

“It’s going to be a big brands mistake and it’s going to remind people, you’ve got choices, and then they’re going to start looking,” said Galea, “There is great bath bomb makers right here in Fort McMurray.” 

Despite attempts to contact Lush for comments MyMcMurray.com has yet to hear back.

Although Fort McMurray doesn’t have any local Lush stores, 660 News Calgary has reported businesses are starting to feel the backlash.