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La Scala's 'Attila' speaks to today's global turmoil

MILAN — La Scala’s season premiere of a new production of Verdi’s “Attila” takes on contemporary themes of male leaders selling out to self-interest while the final act of heroism falls to a woman.

Davide Livermore, the stage director of the production that makes its gala season premiere Friday, says “not even a rapper form the Bronx is as contemporary than Verdi.”

The timing of “Attila” premiere —- against a backdrop of global political insecurity and the rising power of women through the Me Too movement and recent U.S. midterm elections — is coincidental.

“Attila” was chosen several years ago by musical director Riccardo Chailly to be the second in a trilogy dedicated to Verdi’s early works. Chailly conducts the opera, his fifth season-opener in 40 years working with La Scala.

The Associated Press