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Justin Trudeau addresses Alberta energy concerns

Last Updated Dec 14, 2018 at 2:38 pm MDT


Trudeau confirms he is talking to Alberta about income support

Trudeau blames Harper Tories for not building Trans Mountain project

The Prime Minister has answered questions about Alberta’s energy problems.

Justin Trudeau was in studio with Breakfast Television in Toronto where he was asked about what he is doing to help Alberta.

Trudeau said he continues to work with the province and the oil and gas industry to help Albertans that are struggling right now.

“Yes, we are looking at income supports as well, but the real core of the problem is that there is no access to markets other than the United States for Canadian oil from the oilsands,” said Trudeau.

He said that is why the federal government purchased the Trans Mountain pipeline.

He also laid blame on previous regimes for not getting these projects done.

“This is a problem that has gone on for years. For ten years the Conservatives in Ottawa marginalized indigenous voices, ignored the environmental responsibilities, and therefore couldn’t get things built.”

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project hasn’t been built by the Liberal party either, but Trudeau said the work being done right now will ensure that this project will go forward.

“We’ve moved significantly on that,” said Trudeau. “The federal court of appeals came back and said ‘you need to do more on indigenous consultations, more on the environment. We are on the right track, but you need to do more.’ We are following their blueprint because we understand these things need to be done in the right way.”