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'It's what we do': Famous Newfoundlanders help replace veteran's stolen guitar

STEPHENVILLE, N.L. — Two famous Newfoundlanders have stepped in to help an elderly veteran whose guitar went missing earlier this month.

Eighty-two-year-old Edward Sheppard was devastated after his guitar — a gift from his late wife — was stolen from his home in Stephenville Crossing, N.L.

But after his story received media attention, comedian Mark Critch sent out a tweet Friday asking if any of his musician friends had a guitar they could spare for the elderly vet.

Musician Alan Doyle responded to say he had one, and Saturday morning he delivered the guitar to Sheppard, who was staying at his son’s home in St. John’s.

Sheppard’s daughter Yolanda says she’s grateful for the quick responses, but she isn’t surprised that fellow Newfoundlanders stepped in to help, saying “it’s what we do.”

She says she still hopes the original guitar finds its way back to her father, since her mother saved up for a long time to buy it and it holds a lot of sentimental value.

The Canadian Press