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STEP jobs program returns to Alberta for 2019

IMAGE Courtesy Alberta.ca https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/e1b352f5-792a-4d7c-b63a-0e5b0bdeac53/resource/b1866caa-e827-48a3-97d7-50c6d8748db5/download/2019-step-guidelines.pdf

The Alberta government announced they are now accepting applications from students for their 2019 summer jobs program.

The Summer Temporary Employment Program, or STEP, returns for the fourth consecutive year.

STEP is a wage subsidy program funding employers that hire students from high school and post-secondary institutions from 4 to 16 week work periods from May to August.

Minister of Labour Christina Gray believes the program is beneficial for young employees and their employers, saying, “Since we brought STEP back in 2016, the program has provided nearly 9,000 jobs for students across the province. Employers, who hire students, improve job prospects for young Albertans and can hire additional resources to sustain and build their business.”

Last year, STEP matched 3,050 students looking for summer employment with almost 1,400 employers. It also provides a wage subsidy of $7-per-hour to employers, so new and returning employers are encouraged to participate.

“Well educated young people with useful skills are essential to our future and we need to provide meaningful employment opportunities to help prepare them.” said Peter Wallis, president and principal scientist, Hyperion Research Ltd.

The deadline for submitting applications is Feb. 8, 2019. They can only be accepted online through the Labour Workforce Grants Portal. Additional information is available here.