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Province hit by job losses in December

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In December 36,000 full-time positions were lost in the province.

Calgary's unemployment rate sits at 7.6.

The national unemployment rate is 5.6.

ALBERTA (660 NEWS) — December ended on a sour note with significant job losses for the Alberta job market.

Nearly 17,000 jobs were lost last month according to Statistics Canada.

Despite an increase in part-time work, it was overshadowed by a loss of 36,000 full-time positions.

However, overall the employment picture in the province in 2018 improved slightly, rising about one per cent, or 21,000 jobs.

The influx of jobs cut the provincial unemployment rate from 7 per cent to 6.4.

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As for the City of Calgary, the 7.6 unemployment rate remains well above the 5.6 national average, though it is down slightly.

The unemployment rate across the country is at its lowest level since Statistics Canada began tracking data in Jan. 1976.