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Complaints grow for the retail florist industry: Better Business Bureau


Airlines knocked out of the top spot for customer complaints: BBB

BBB encourages people to do their homework before big purchases

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is out with its top complaints against companies in 2018.

An industry has knocked airlines to second place on the list.

They say every rose has its thorns and this one happens to be customer service.

Shawna Kay Thomas with the BBB said there are a few reasons why retail florists became the most complained about industry.

“A lot of these complaints had to do with non-deliveries, delivery of dead flowers, delivering flowers to the wrong location, and importantly after busy periods like Valentines Day and Mothers Day we see a spike in the complaints we get.”

She believes if you are going to be making a purchase that includes a price tag of hundreds or thousands of dollars, you should do your homework. That could include looking at online reviews or even just calling the BBB to see what complaints have been made against a company.

“Florists, airlines, and new car dealers, those are the top three and we’re talking about big bucks when you look at losses or damages that people are complaining about.”

Here is the top ten list from the BBB

  1. Retail Florist 147
  2. Airlines 135
  3. New Car Dealers 84
  4. Cable TV 73
  5. Roofing Contractors 67
  6. Home Improvement 67
  7. General Contractor 57
  8. Plumber 49
  9. Utility Contractors 40
  10. Moving Companies 38