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UPDATE: Michael's Hope raises nearly $3000 for the Centre of Hope

PHOTO. Michael Bridgeman, kindergarten student at Walter and Gladys Hill, has started selling pins he designed to help the homeless. Melanie Walsh. AFTERNOON NEWS ANCHOR.

Michael Bridgeman, a grade one student at Walter and Gladys Hill Public School, has raised nearly $3000 for the Centre of Hope.

Michael’s mom, Michelle Summers, said that the project, Michael’s Hope, came to light after he learned that not everyone is as fortunate as he is.


“Not everybody is even meeting their basic needs and I think that was such a surprise to him. Before then it was like ‘everybody has toys.’ He goes to a friends house and people have more toys then him. I don’t think he ever realized that people have less.”

It started with 10 pins being sold at his school and by August 2018 he’d raised $1782.33.

Local stores contacted Summers to offer a place for a donation box. Michael also sold pins at various stores, markets and fall fairs.

Pins were in such high demand that Michael had to reschedule selling them at Canadian Tire in August to order more.

Between September and January, he raised an additional $1740.88 for the Centre of Hope.

She added that she knew he had a generous spirit when he was as young as 3-years-old. He was always willing to share and does small gestures of kindness.

Just last year Michael asked his mom if she’d take him to build water wells for countries without clean water.

Principal of Walter and Gladys Hill Public School, Ms. Nutter, who helped develop Michael’s Hope, has since introduced him to someone to help with that initiative.

Pins are still available to support the Centre of Hope by contacting the Michael’s Hope Facebook page.