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Wood Buffalo Public Schools Adjusting To Cold Weather

Fort McMurray Public Schools are taking great care with our most precious resource during this recent cold snap.

Doug Nicholls, Fort McMurray Public School District Superintendent, says despite the cold weather, morale among the children entering their schools is high.

“We encourage our parents to make sure that they are well aware of what the children, our students, are wearing, and making sure that they are safely in sight, and particularly younger children make sure the parents see the children into school.”

Alberta’s education refurbishment plan for public schools came just in time for institutions like Composite High School. However, there were issues for certain school facilities.

“There have been some portables or modulars that have had trouble with their furnaces; we had about six or seven with some difficulty, early in the week. They have been since resolved.”

Recess is a particularly active time in schools, and Superintendent Nicholls is thankful for the diligence and vigilance of staff who make sure children are safe once they are indoors.

“Indoor recesses for both students and staff are a challenge, and I thank the staff for everything they’re doing to make the recess times indoors as enjoyable and rapid as possible for our kids.”

The extreme cold warnings and minus 30-something weather may be with us for the rest of the week, but Nicholls thanks everyone for their understanding and support for each other during the cold snap.