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RMWB joins municipalities coalition in fight against energy bill

Last Updated Mar 15, 2019 at 6:50 pm MST

A processing unit at Suncor Fort Hills facility in Fort McMurray Alta, on Monday September 10, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

Mention Bill C-69 in Wood Buffalo and more than likely you will get a negative response.

Council echoed that sentiment when they voted to join the Coalition for Canadian Municipalities for Energy (CCME).

Tabled by councillor Verna Murphy, the primary goal of the CCME is to defeat the controversial energy bill.

“This coalition is being put together by municipalities across Canada to lobby at the Senate committee on Bill C-69.”

If Bill C-69 passes, look forward to more red tape for energy producers.

In turn, fewer companies may not be so inclined to come to the oilsands to work.

Councillor Verna Murphy spent a considerable amount of time researching and speaking with the coalition.

When fellow councillor Bruce Inglis asked about the primary goal of the CCME, in regards to Bill C-69, Murphy bluntly responded:

“To absolutely kill it.”

Municipalities across the country are in line to join the coalition.

Part of the work of the Senate committee would involve visits to Wood Buffalo to examine the work in the oilsands.

Councillor Keith McGrath thanked councillor Murphy for her work and recalled how the 2016 shutdown impacted North American markets.

“This Bill C-69 could kill a lot of producers, so I applaud you for your work. I know that when the senators come to Fort McMurray and the region, their eyes will be opened to what kind of travesty they would have if they were to sign this bill.”

Council voted unanimously for the Municipality to join the coalition.

Murphy’s motion allows Wood Buffalo to retain some autonomy if the CCME doesn’t align to the unique needs of the region.

The entry fee is $1000, and the website is currently under construction.