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Transit app on the horizon: Council

Last Updated Mar 27, 2019 at 1:27 pm MDT

File photo/Woosh.


Imagine a Woosh Transit app, coming to a computer, phone, tablet near you.

Council voted unanimously in support of the councillor McGrath’s motion for administration to look into developing a transit app.

McGrath says the app should help lower operating costs and increase service for riders.

He points to other municipalities such as York, Ont., and their public transportation apps as examples.

“Everybody has a phone, the drivers and the dispatchers have the same app, and it’s on demand.”

McGrath says a transit app should deliver on accessibility, inclusivity, and matching supply with predictive demand.

Regular riders like Justin Shaw think an app would be beneficial, especially for those heading downtown.

“Sometimes I just get up, go, wait by a stop, and hope for the best, because I don’t really know how to make heads or tails of the current schedule that’s on the website.”

During the debate, there was mention of earlier attempts to calibrate a similar system with transit.

Councillors determined former student Dhruv Patel led the development of the software in Wood Buffalo.

The administration will consult with Patel and others working on the project, and present their findings at a later date.

“We’re getting into a tech savvy world, but it’s done in other communities and I believe we should jump on board.”

Council also discusses the amendment to the land use bylaw concerning cannabis retail stores and the feasibility study on Shell Place.