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Pride YMM feels for Edmonton, still celebrating locally

PHOTO. Supplied: Pride YMM Facebook.

Edmonton has cancelled their Pride events for this year apparently because of infighting within the pride organization.

For Pride YMM committee member, Sithara Fernando the news was disheartening.

“I was really sad to hear that. The Edmonton Pride festival is something that I’ve gone to quite a bit. After I came out of the closet its one of the events my family has come with me to.” 

Fernando said Pride festivals and parades gives the community a change to step outside and show their support for the LGBTQ+ people.

Pride YMM is a volunteer committee, much liked Edmonton and Fernando sympathizes with them.

Edmonton Pride has also faced issues around racism and as a person of colour Fernando sympathizes with the issues that were brought up.

“This is one of those situations where really nobody wins, it just puts a spotlight on how important it is to have Pride events because it does allow for us to have those conversations and to bring awareness and to celebrate the people who we are that live in marginalized communities.”

When it comes to politics, Fernando says its the highlight from the United Conservatives stand on Gay Straight Alliances that is also causing an uproar.

“I think the importance of the Pride community and ensuring there are people willing to advocate for Pride and Pride issues is extremely important.”

As of now Pride YMM is still planing on hosting their celebrations for the third year in a row, sometime at the end of August, beginning of September.