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Exciting times for Alberta: Mayor Don Scott

Mayor Don Scott reflects on the big win for the United Conservative Party in the Alberta election, and shares his thoughts on what will be a time of excitement for Wood Buffalo in the coming months. Photo on left provided by the RMWB, right photo by the Canadian Press.

Mayor Don Scott shared his thoughts on yesterday’s election results.

He says the re-election of local MLAs Tany Yao and Laila Goodridge and the election of their party, the United Conservatives, signals an exciting time for our region.

“I think it’s a really exciting time for Alberta. I had spoken to many people since yesterday. There was obviously a mood for change and I think the new Premier, in the speech that he gave last night, really signaled there is a lot of change on the horizon for Alberta.”

Mayor Don Scott said he had many conversations with UCP Premier-designate Jason Kenney.

He said Kenney understands how the region serves as the backbone to Alberta’s economy.

“I think that he has a very good understanding of the region, and I think that people could sense that in his speech that he gave last night. He was talked about the economy and jobs.”

Mayor Scott added Kenney is even thinking about Wood Buffalo’s place nationally.

“When he was here, he spoke about this [region] being the heart of the Canadian economy, and he wants to see that running at full speed.”

Moving forward

Members of the LGBTQ community in Wood Buffalo are concerned with Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party.

In particular with Kenney and his party’s stance on gay-straight alliances in schools.

Mayor Scott reaffirmed he would continue to advocate and uphold the rights of the LGBTQ community.

“From my own perspective, I’ll always going to be a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community. We always had a strong relationship with the community and they will continue to see support from me, whether it’s advocacy with other levels of government or support in this region.”

One could say the federal election began 28 days ago.

Jason Kenney vowed to challenge Prime Minister Trudeau carbon tax in court.

He also threatened to reduce oil shipments to B.C., if they don’t support the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Mayor Scott said this year will be a time for intense focus on what’s happening in Wood Buffalo.

“One of things I’m currently thinking about is trying to suggest or invite Mr. Kenney to bring his cabinet, or his caucus to Fort McMurray to hold a meeting. It’s something I think would be really important.”

Expect renewed and intense focus on the region over the coming weeks and months as the federal election nears.

The next council meeting takes place on April 23, 2019.