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Social profits encourage residents to participate in well-being survey

Last Updated Apr 24, 2019 at 5:36 pm MDT

In 2014, the last time residents took a well-being survey, Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” topped the Billboard music charts.

Also, Stephen Harper was our Prime Minister and Canada Post said Fort McMurray had a “particularly high cost to serve”.

The mail carrier came close to adding a surcharge on parcels that year.

Many things changed in Wood Buffalo since those days, so the Canadian Index of Well-being (CIW) is back to ask residents to participate in their survey.

The survey asks what makes people happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Once compiled, community leaders and social profits examine the results to gauge how residents are doing in their everyday lives.

They also gain insight on what they can do to improve things.

FuseSocial executive director, Chantal Beaver, says the survey is very important.

“We are encouraging residents of Wood Buffalo to tell us about quality of life in their community and how that affects their overall well-being.”

Only one person per household above 16 years old may complete the mail-in survey.

Participation is voluntary and takes only 30 minutes.

After completing the survey, participants are free to enter a draw for one of 20 gift certificates worth $50 each.

“A lot has changed in the region.” Said Cecilia Mutch, executive director of United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo. “This survey will tell us where the community is thriving and where people are experiencing challenges that we can do a better job of supporting.”

Find more information about the survey on the CIW website, or contact Cathy at FuseSocial at (780) 791-9333 Ext. 3075 during business hours.