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Brothers donate nearly $4000 to Northern Lights Regional Health Centre

PHOTO. Dylan (9) & Joey (6) Osmond joined The Pope Show to share their story of why they decided to raise money for the Northern Lights Health Foundation. In total, the 2 boys raised $3901. Absolutely incredible.

A couple of brothers from St. Anne School have donated thousands of dollars to the Northern Lights Health Foundation (NLHF).

Dylan Osmand, 9, and his brother Joey, 6, started with just $32 in a tissue box and decided they wanted to do something good with the money.

They set a goal of $2500 and by the end of April 21, after setting up at Thickwood Barber Shop, the boys had raised $3901.

The boys went to local businesses and they sold tickets raffle tickets for various prizes at the Thickwood Barber Shop.

Older brother, Dylan said that the money was raised specifically for the children’s ward of the health centre.

Jessica Lipton with the NLHF accepted the cheque and said that there isn’t currently a service or piece of equipment that’s been chosen.

They boys both said it felt really good to help, with Dylan adding they may do an annual fundraiser.

Dylan and Joey were on the Pope Show to talk about their effort on April 24.