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Council to decide whether Weather Catcher stays or goes

Last Updated Jun 10, 2019 at 7:50 am MDT

The "Weather Catcher" or "mister" at Jubilee Plaza. Mayor Don Scott motioned for administration to look at costs for ongoing maintenance of the structure. Photo taken by Phil Wood, Reporter, MyMcMurray.

Whether you like it or not, the Weather Catcher has a unique place in the history of the RMWB.

However, after the June 11, 2019, council meeting, it may only be found in the pages of history.

Mayor and council will decide if the Municipality should proceed with the removal and disposal of the Weather Catcher outside the Jubilee Centre.

At an annual cost of $23,000 to maintain, the tear down would cost a one time payment of $20,000.

As for the space leftover, the administration suggests using for a small public garden or extended area for outdoor events.


Built in 2015, the $2,200,000 art piece structure became a fixture of the Jubilee Centre.

Occasionally, operators would pipe steam and sounds from the steel spouts to wow passersby.

In recent times, however, the Weather Catcher has become more of a hassle than a happening.

Numerous residents scaled the structure over the years, which is a great safety risk to them and first responders.

Also, the water and electrical work it annually receives isn’t exactly cheap.

Finally, as last year’s cold snap proved, chunks of snow and ice on the structure could endanger life and property, potentially leading to liability.

It with these factors at play, the administration recommends its removal.

Council meets Tuesday, June 11 at 4 p.m. to decide whether the Weather Catcher goes or stays.