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Motorists swept up in street sweeping tickets

PHOTO. A temporary no-parking sign on Hardin Street. Supplied by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Barely a month into the Street Sweeping program and bylaw services are busy issuing tickets.

Beginning on May 15, 2019, this season already saw the bylaw issue 307 tickets.

Furthermore, the RMWB towed 271 vehicles in relation to the program.

Crews post no-parking signs in affected areas 48-hours prior to street sweeping.

The Municipality also posts large electronic message boards in neighbourhoods seven days prior to any operation.

This system gives motorists ample warning.

However, dozens if not hundreds aren’t getting the message.

Steering Clear

The Municipality may ticket or impound vehicles, according to the Roads and Transportation Bylaw.

Once crews begin sweeping a particular street or neighbourhood, the work should take a couple of days.

Check for temporary signage for when street sweeping begins in the area.

Always give street sweepers and other road equipment plenty of room to work.

Also, drive with caution when approaching or passing them.

Don’t park on a street that looks clean as they may require additional work.

This year is particularly dry, nevertheless, dust kicked up by crews may reduce visibility.


Parking fines in the Municipality amount to $120.

As for towing for street maintenance, fees for vehicle impounding start at $90 per vehicle per day.

Values increase depending on the size of the vehicle like trucks and tractor trailers.

Contact the Pulse line at (780) 743-7000 for more information.

Facts and figures

  • Weather often impacts scheduled road maintenance, so giving 48-hours notice is key.
  • Those who rely on street parking often cycle between primary routes, secondary routes, and residential streets.
  • Road crews begin on primary and secondary routes, before sweeping residential areas.