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Terry Fox's legacy remembered 38 years later

Terry Fox running the Marathon of Hope. (Courtesy the Terry Fox Foundation)

Canadian hero and icon Terry Fox is being remembered today, thirty-eight years after his death

Prior to his cancer diagnosis and 'Marathon of Hope', Terry and his family lived in Port Coquitlam

Canadian hero Terry Fox died thirty-eight years ago, but his legacy has not been forgotten.

In 1980, Terry Fox made national headlines during his ‘Marathon of Hope’ trek across Canada.

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After battling cancer himself, Terry began an east-to-west across Canada run to raise money for cancer research.

Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West says Terry’s passion and determination remains a source of inspiration for many in the city Terry was raised.

“It’s about an ordinary person, a boy from Port Coquitlam, who did extraodrinary things, and that is such an inspiring message for everyone who lives in our city,” he says.

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It’s a message other people can hang on to.

“You can be an ordinary person who’s determined, puts their heart and soul into something, and makes a huge difference, and so that message is inspirational today and will continue to be inspirational for people right across the world,” he says.

Terry’s efforts made national and international headlines, and his activism led to millions of dollars donated to cancer research.

He died on June 28th, 1981 in New Westminster when he was 22 years old.