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Discussion surrounding work camps to continue into the fall

Last Updated Jul 9, 2019 at 5:37 pm MDT

RMWB Council. Photo Supplied by Melanie Walsh. REPORTER.

Council voted Tuesday to defer discussions surrounding project accommodations.

Several delegates presented to council, each bringing forward several concerns with the current proposed Land Use Bylaw.

Karim Zariffa, Executive Director of the Oilsands Community Alliance (OSCA) said he has three main concerns.

“One was a grace period for decommissioning, another one was related to definitions of the different type of camps and then development permit timelines and them being consistent with provincial approvals.”

Most of the presenters had similar concerns, which led to the motion to allow more time for conversation between industry partners and administration.

Mayor Don Scott agreed saying he wanted everyone to feel heard.

The motion to defer passed unanimously.

The Well Drilling Equipment Tax Bylaw was also discussed and passed at Tuesday’s meeting.

For the 2019 taxation year it’s expected that the tax would bring in $1,300,000, which would go towards repairing roads damaged by well drilling activity.

The first item on the agenda was the announcement of the 2022 Arctic Winter Games Host Society Directors.

Co-Chair Melissa Blake made the announcement:

  • Director of Administration – Ashley Ryan
  • Director of Care & Comfort – Jean-Marc Guillamot
  • Director of Marketing & Public Relations – Michelle Toner
  • Director of Sports Facilities – Erica Brewer
  • Director of Sports Technical – Kelsey Green
  • Director of Communication & IT – Greg Tolson
  • Director of Cultural & Ceremonies – Allison Flett
  • Director of Volunteer & Protocol – Michelle Farrow
  • Director at Large – Chelsi Ryan, Kim Rizzi


Recruitment for the Board of Directors was held from May 31 to June 14 and brought in 20 applications.

Council also approved the nomination of CAO Annette Antoniak and the Financial Services Department for the zero-based budgeting initiative introduced in 2017 for the 2019 Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Above and Beyond Award.

Several councillors were also nominated for the AUMA Awards of Excellence.