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Dismantling of weather catcher expected to take less than a week

Last Updated Aug 8, 2019 at 11:20 am MST

PHOTO. The weather catcher to be dismantled. The municipality estimates it could be done by Aug. 13. MYMCMURRAY/Brad Karp

The dismantling of the weather catcher has started.

Back in June council voted on whether to keep the structure for $23,000 annually or tear it down for a one time cost of $20,000.

The vote was unanimous to remove the structure.

Mayor Don Scott called it an eyesore that has no purpose in the region.

“I couldn’t be happier that weather catcher is going down. I would’ve gone out and torn it down myself, if needed. We heard about the costs to keep it going and the various safety concerns. It was not worth it to keep that thing up.”

Administration cited safety concerns as many would climb the structure and noted that chunks of snow and ice could be endanger life and property, potentially leading to liability.

The municipality expects work to take four to five days depending on weather, meaning “the mister” could be gone by Aug. 13.

Safety and other measures have been put in place so residents and access to Jubilee Plaza or Blue Mountain Bistro won’t be impacted.

The $2.2 million structure was built in 2015.