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Premier Kenney visits Wood Buffalo

Premier Jason Kenney visited the region for the 34th annual Oil Sands Trade Show and Conference.

Along with making the keynote address, his visit was to celebrate Suncors pledge to lower their greenhouse gas emissions.

He is also announcing the provincials government constitutional challenge of the federal government Bill C-69 and visiting Fort McKay to meet with local Indigenous leaders to talk about being partners in prosperity.

Kenney last visited Fort McMurray five months ago during the provincial election campaign when the East Clearwater Highway was a hot topic.

“We know that is a regional priority for transport infraution and our government will continue to invest in transportation infrastructure, at the same time we have inherited…a fiscal crisis in Alberta, the largest deficit in the country, headed to $100-billion in debt, so we are going to have to go through a period of fiscal responsibility as a province…that means we can’t build everything we would like to away, but that certainly would be on the list of future projects.”

He also noted that local MLA’s Tany Yao and Laila Goodridge have been very devoted to their work and doing a brilliant job.