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Registry to aid emergency services when responding to vulnerable residents

Last Updated Sep 26, 2019 at 10:29 am MDT

The municipality along with Regional Emergency Services (RES) has launched a Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR).

Director of Emergency Management, Scott Davis said the registry is a tool that allows people with disability or mobility challenges to confidentially identify themselves to first responders.

“It gives them the comfort knowing that somebody else knows that they’re registered in that location, so can find them very easily. That provides them the confidence that, in a sense, we’re prepared so they don’t have to be scared.”

The registry provides critical information to assist emergency services in large-scale emergency situations.

The VPR technology was developed at the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre in Ontario.

“Our VPR software has the ability to take emergency response preparedness to the next level. It is the only technology that allows first responders access to information detailing the unique needs of all vulnerable persons before they arrive on scene,” said Peter Bruijns, Executive Director of the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre.

Davis said as far as he knows this program is the first of its kind in the province.