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Brian Deheer representing Green Party for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake

PHOTO. Supplied. Brian Deheer is the green party candidate in the federal election to be the Member of Parliament for Fort McMurray - Cold Lake.

Brian Deheer will run as the federal Green Party candidate in the Fort McMurray-Cold Lake riding.

Currently, Deheer works as a music teacher in Lac La Biche where he has lived for the past 27 years.

This is Deheer’s sixth time campaigning he has represented the Green Party in two other federal elections and three provincial elections.

“Others have asked me why I am running, first and foremost, I want there to be at least a green party candidate on the ballot. If there are voters who want to vote green and there is no candidate, then they are stuck.”

Deheer said reconciliation with Indigenous peoples is his main campaign platform this election.

While not Indigenous, he said he won’t pretend to speak for them.

Nevertheless, Deheer would look to have Indigenous people involved in developing policies and directions that meet their needs and priorities.

He will also be campaigning for a strong sustainable economy.

“Sustainable development for me is something where we have a balance of economic activity with respect for the environment. For me, in the energy sector that means we will be trying to increase our shift to renewable energies.”

Deheer said if the Greens formed the next government, there would not be an immediate shift away from oil and gas.

Instead, he said they would like to see a quicker transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Plus, in transportation, the Greens would like to see more electric vehicles.

“Petroleum resources [would] shift towards value-added products [and] new industries where we’re capturing the extra value. We’re not just shipping out raw bitumen out of the province at discounted prices. That’s something that should be happening in Alberta.”

Social justice is another issue Deheer said he and his party would address.

Deheer said he and the Green Party hope to be on the ballot in Wood Buffalo-Cold Lake for Oct. 21, 2019.