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FMPSD Superintendent "jailed" to raise funds for United Way

Last Updated Oct 2, 2019 at 11:39 am MDT

PHOTO. Supplied. Superintendent Doug Nicholls being "arrested" by Wood Buffalo RCMP Constable Springer on Oct. 2. FMPSD raises funds for the United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo to bail him out.

The Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) has jailed Superintendent Doug Nicholls.

Wood Buffalo RCMP responded around 9:30 Wednesday morning and “charged” Nicholls with abandonment, as he’ll be leaving the school in the new year.

Nicholls, who is in his seventh year with the division, will retire in January.

He said that his departure comes with mixed feelings.

“It’s been a fantastic journey and it’s been an amazing six plus years in Fort McMurray.”

Nicholls is attempting to make bail by asking for donations in support for the United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo, but some are donating to keep him locked up.

Since 1984, FMPSD has raised $679,841 towards the United Way.

“Any type of donation that the United Way makes to an organization that assists families helps us.”

He said they’d also like to encourage people to sign up for monthly deductions, which would come with tax receipts for a great cause.

“When you look at $5 million and you look at $1,000 target, it’s such a small piece of it, but it’s just showing that really anybody can make a contribution and anyone can help make a difference. Many small donations total up to something significant.”

When asked how long he’s expected to be locked up, Nicholls said he’d break out if needed.

Until he makes bail, he’s locked in his office, with only snacks that he smuggled in.

As for retirement, Nicholls said he anticipates lots of travelling, but wouldn’t be surprised if he worked on a part-time basis.

To donate visit FMPSD’s website.

You can support FMPSD by checking out their used book sale at the Division Office or participating in the 50/50 raffle draw.