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Flu shots available ahead of official start date

A person gets a shot during a flu vaccine program in Calgary on Oct. 26, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Frustration grows among Alberta pharmacists, who question the government for providing flu shots to larger chain stores to set up clinics.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) lists Oct. 21 as the official start date for administering flu shots.

Pharmacists allege AHS is showing preferential treatment as stores may inject Albertans earlier.

However, Dave Hill Pharmacy General Manager Kris Lu defended AHS with a simple explanation.

“It just depends on when the distributor schedules the deliveries. We have received the vaccine early last week and have been injecting Albertans.”

A spokesperson with AHS also confirmed this saying they don’t have preferences.

Lu said pharmacies like his may inject Albertans age five and older upon request.

“Also, we cannot administer the flu shots in [our] drive-thru. They have to come in.”

Consult your local pharmacy about getting your flu shots.