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Farrington looking at big picture as Liberals win minority government

PHOTO. Maggie Farrington said she will keep an eye on things in Ottawa as her Liberal party secured a minority government in the fall federal election. MYMCMURRAY/Phil Wood

Several supporters flocked to Maggie Farrington’s campaign headquarters to watch the results of the federal election.

The Liberal candidate was unable to unseat incumbent Conservative David Yurdiga from the Fort McMurray-Cold Lake riding.

Her party, however, did win the election securing a minority government.

Farrington said she was looking at the big picture.

“I want to relish in our success, and that we have started a movement forward. I’m just enjoying the results of our hard work and a great campaign.”

She added she will continue watching how things develop in Ottawa.

Election race

When the polls closed at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 21, 2019, Farrington jumped to a quick lead.

Although, as volunteers counted more votes the result was favourably in the hands of David Yurdiga and the Conservatives.

As a matter of fact, all but one of the ridings in Alberta went to the Tories with one Edmonton-area riding voting for the New Democrats.

Farrington overcame a few hurdles in her first federal election campaign.

Earlier this month, vandals posted hate messages on the doors to her campaign office.

She also received misogynistic, racist, and homophobic messages on her social media accounts.

Nevertheless, Farrington said the increase in local support really buoyed her run for office.

“Locally, I ‘ve been so heartened by the incredible support, [and I’m] so grateful for my many volunteers. [Also], a big thank you to my campaign manager, and to my family as well, who have been so incredibly supportive throughout this whole process.”

When asked about her “Wall of Misogyny”, Farrington was unsure about its future.

She wanted to use it as an example of what women often go through when running for office in 2019.

Optimistic and excited for the future, Farrington said Canadians should be the focus of the next government.

“It’s been really exciting to watch what’s going on nationally. It shows that there’s a lot of passion all across Canada for making sure the government is about its people, and making people and the future a real priority.”