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Council elects to paint the town red Thursday

PHOTO. Mayor Don Scott, RMWB councillors, and local Rogers Hometown Hockey volunteers with the proclamation declaring Nov. 21, 2019, as Paint The Town Red Day in honour of Rogers Hometown Hockey coming this weekend to Fort McMurray. MYMCMURRAY/Phil Wood.

RMWB Council was quite busy at their Nov. 19, 2019, council meeting.

First, they received a financial update on the Municipality’s third quarter for 2019.

Results from Q3 show an annual projected surplus of $12.2-million.

This is due to a $2.9-million increase in operating revenue, and a decrease in operating expenses by $9.3-million.

The administration also provided the Council with an update on their capital grants funding and total cash position.

Next, the Mayor and Council decided on Capital Budget amendments.

The administration reported a net decrease in capital funding by $1,469,125 due to the Fort Chipewyan Airport Paving design, and the cancellation of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Fencing.

First, the amended budget for the airport paving design is $300,000.

According to the administration, the runway, taxiway and apron reached their operational life expectancy and require major restoration.

Meanwhile, cancelling the OHV fencing project meant the Municipality saved $1,769,125.

More than 3800 residents provided feedback about building the chain-link fence in Timberlea, Abasand, and parts of Gregoire.

The administration listened, decided to cancel the project, and resolved to look at other options.

If approved, the two-year build would require $637,875 in 2019 and another $1,131,250 in 2020 to complete.

Paint the Town Red

Mayor Don Scott declared Nov. 21, 2019, as Rogers Hometown Hockey “Paint the Town Red” Day in Wood Buffalo.

Residents can wear red in support of Rogers Hometown Hockey as the big red trucks pull into Fort McMurray to set up for this weekend’s outdoor hockey festival.

“It’s a big time for this region to celebrate. We’re going to be marketing the community to all of Canada, so be sure to wear red.”

Mayor Scott also said he’ll cheer for the Oilers when they play the Arizona Coyotes on Nov. 24, 2019.

Mayor and Council also approved the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.