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Land development the focus of RMWB Council

PHOTO. Jubilee Centre. Sarah Anderson. REPORTER.

RMWB Council will have a busy week ahead of them.

Before their three days worth of budget meetings, the mayor and councillors will hold their Nov. 26 meeting.

The administration will bring forward an update on Rural Water and Sewage Servicing.

Tied to the Residential Service Connection Plan, the Municipality estimates the cost of service connections between $42.5-55.5 million.

The budget stands at $40-million with Connection Fees expected to recover $13.2-million.

They will provide an update on construction to Draper Road.

The administration assessed 930 residential lots in Anzac, Conklin, Draper, Gregoire Lake Estates, Janvier and Saprae Creek Estates.

Lot owners would pay the Service Connection Fee of $16,000 per residential lot, although owners in Saprae Creek Estates would only pay $10,000 per lot.

Furthermore, they can make payments in one lump sum or in monthly instalments.

Conklin development

Council will decide whether or not to sell a parcel of land in Conklin.

Placed on the open market in May 2019, the Municipality received one offer to purchase the land at 173 Northland Drive.

The appraised value of the lot is $580,000, which went unused since January 31, 2006, when the 5-year lease on the property expired.

The administration will recommend to the Council the expropriation of land for the Secondary Egress Road.

Located near Saline Creek Parkway at Draper Road, negotiations to secure the 4.02-acre strip from the owner, James Rogers, proved unsuccessful.

Additionally, the administration is unable to contact Rogers.

The administration recommends expropriation to remain on schedule with road construction.

Photo Radar

Finally, RMWB Council will hear the introduction of a motion to discontinue Automated Traffic Enforcement technology or photo radar.

Councillor Keith McGrath served notice of his intention to bring forward this motion on during the Nov. 19 meeting.

If passed, the motion would direct the administration to examine the circumstances involved with discontinuing the technology including, but not limited to photo radar.

They would report back to Council to consider ending the enforcement program in Wood Buffalo.

Kevin Weidlich, CEO of Wood Buffalo Economic Development shall also present the corporation’s third-quarter results to the Council.