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Alberta updates motorists on Wood Buffalo road conditions

PHOTO. The King Street, Highway 63 overpass was renamed Responders Way to honour the heroic efforts of the First Responders during the 2016 wild fire. Melanie Walsh. REPORTER

Work continues on area roads as motorists make daily commutes across Wood Buffalo.

Since December 2019, Alberta Transportation said they replaced or repaired at least 80 lights.

The contractor said they await the delivery of more supplies to complete the work.

Meanwhile, the ministry is aware of the build-up of snow near Confederation Way.

Weather permitting, snowploughs can begin clearing snow from the overpass.

Finally, potholes remain a big concern throughout the region.

Alberta Transportation said maintenance crews made repairs in trouble spots in and around Beacon Hill and Wandering River.

They also scheduled the repaving of 19-kilometres of the northbound lanes of Highway 63 just north of Highway 686 for the summer.