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Indigenous literary festival comes to Wood Buffalo

Last Updated Feb 26, 2020 at 6:40 pm MDT

IMAGE. Supplied by Western Perceptions.

The literary festival, Western Perceptions visits the region bringing together several popular Indigenous authors and artists.

Fort McMurray and Fort McKay are the main co-hosts for the three-day event, principally sponsored by Fort McKay First Nation.

Also supporting the festival is the Athabasca Tribal Council, Arts Council Wood Buffalo, Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo, and the Writers Guild of Alberta.

The festival brings Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors to Wood Buffalo to engage in networking and workshops in several locations.

Meet the writers

Notable authors include First Nation Salish poet, author, storyteller, actor, and university professor Lee Maracle.

Maracle also co-founded the En’owkin International School of Writing in Penticton, B.C, and she serves as the cultural director of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto.

The award-winning creator of the popular Rambo: First Blood character, David Morrell shall attend.

Morrell won multiple awards and honours writing horror and suspense.

He joins DC Comics ‘Wild West’ writer Kellen Cutsforth and senior editor Jeff Mariotte in a workshop for comic book writing and publishing.

Featured for March 26 is Mi’kmaw writer and graphic designer, Brandon Mitchell.

Mitchell will lead an invite-only workshop for local youth in the community interested in pursuing a career in comic books or graphic novels.

Indigenous artist Frederick McDonald of the Fort McKay First Nation organized the conference with non-Indigenous author, Therese Greenwood.

The registration fee for events at the Fort McMurray Golf Club on March 24-25 is $65 per day, including lunch.

Workshops on March 26 take place in Fort McKay and are free for local children and youth.

To learn more about the festival, writers, workshops, and to register, go to the Western Perceptions website.