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RMWB provides community update on flooding

The corner of Hospital Street and Franklin Ave in Fort McMurray on April 27, 2020. (CREDIT: @TyranAult, Twitter)

The RMWB provided a recap of the last 48-hours since the flooding of downtown Fort McMurray.

It said this would be the first Community Update on flood response.

There are mandatory evacuation orders still in effect for Draper, Waterways, Taiga Nova Industrial Park and the Lower Townsite.

There are exceptions for the hospital and Grayling Terrace.

“Understandably, many community members have questions and concerns. The Municipality along with other levels of government as well as our community and industry partners are still heavily focused on life-safety and preserving critical infrastructure, such as the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre.”

Residents may sign up for these updates on the Municipality’s website.

The RMWB and emergency responders evacuated 12,936 people, including more than 6,000 who registered as evacuees.

Evacuees occupied 170 rooms, which they will hold for seven days, with more room at work camps available.

The RMWB also suggests evacuees contact their insurance providers to discuss their coverage plans.

The Municipality said residents are eager to understand and survey the damage left behind.

“A recovery and re-entry strategy are one of the objects at the Regional Emergency Coordination Centre and team members have begun this work. However, it is important to understand that re-entry isn’t possible until it is safe to be in these areas.”

Anyone in need of assistance should contact the Pulse line at (780) 743-7000.

First responders conducted over 220 search and rescue operations, deploying 270 personnel.

They deployed 95 pieces of machinery and equipment, 12,200 sandbags with another 5,300 bags at the ready, and staged 3,300 pieces of damming material.

The RMWB said water levels continue to fluctuate on the Clearwater River, Athabasca River and Hangingstone River.

The province has more information on forecasts, water and ice advisories on its website.