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Keyano College still functioning despite flood impacts

Last Updated Apr 29, 2020 at 12:40 pm MDT

IMAGE. Supplied by Keyano College.

Keyano College announced they will still function despite damage by floodwaters.

Staff evacuated the main college campuses on April 28 following orders from the RMWB.

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They shut down power to the downtown campus and relocated IT servers to the Suncor Energy Industrial Centre before evacuating.

This would ensure operations at the post-secondary institution would continue.

In a statement, Keyano said a physical assessment of the property is not available at this time.

After a review of drone footage, Keyano College said flood impacts likely impacted the following areas:

  • Sections of the main Clearwater campus
  • The Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre
  • The Bob Lamb Industrial Training Centre
  • The Oil Sands Power and Engineering Lab


Keyano College residences, Riedel, Penhorwood, and Clearwater Hall may be impacted by various degrees as well.

“We’d like to thank all employees, many who have gone above and beyond during these trying times.”

The school’s emergency response team quickly closed and secured all facilities.

They also safely evacuated all students and employees prior to receiving the official notice from the RMWB as a precaution.

Keyano will delay the scheduled launch of the spring semester on May 4 by one week.

The post-secondary institution also delayed the opening of fall registration to a later date.

All Keyano College’s downtown facilities and property remain off-limits at this time.

More information on Keyano College’s flood response is available on their website.