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Fort Mac Hockey Bro's supporting Boys and Girls Club

Last Updated May 7, 2020 at 2:17 pm MDT

PHOTO. Supplied. The Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club was impacted by the flooding in April 2020.

The Fort Mac Hockey Bro’s, 12 year old Parker Flett and 9 year old Cruise Flett, are helping the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club recover from the flood.

They have donated $2,500 to help the club with their clean up.

“We felt it was important to support the boys and girls club because it is really important in this community and we really wanted to give back because kids rely on it when their parents have to go for work they need support and a place to go,” said Parker. 

Both the boys have visited the club before and Cruise says it feels very good to help them out.

“We just really want to help during this time and help rebuild after the flood,” added Parker. “We saw the opportunity and just wanted to jump on it, they give back to us so we want to give back to them.” 

Michelle Farrow, executive director of the club said the damage was severe.

“The damage is at the catastrophic level. The entire club was sitting in about two and a half feet of water from one end to the other and we’re a 25,000 square foot building so it is pretty drastic.”

Luckily they have flood coverage but it comes with a $25,000 deductible and the club was already going through a tough time after the provincial cuts to child care and loosing two of their major fundraisers to the pandemic.

Hearing the Fort Mac Hockey Bro’s were donating to the club made Farrow emotional.

“That one really made me cry. We are very close with the Fort Mac Hockey Bros, we know how incredibly hard they work with their families everyday trying to make a difference and just the fact that they would even think of us and take money out of what they raised for kids and give back to ours is truly heartwarming…the volunteer spirit that they have already at that age is really something else.”

Farrow thanks everyone who has donated so far to their recovery efforts.

The Club is hoping to secure a temporary location to provide family’s of 100 kids proper child care.

“We’re actively seeking an alternative location that meets our needs. Ideally we would be close to our original location. We are a credited child care program so we have certain requirements our spaces have to meet in order to offer those licensed programs.”

They are hoping to be back up and running to help out families sooner rather than later.