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Keyano College appoints Interim President and CEO

The Keyano College Board of Governors has appointed Dale Mountain, VP of Corporate Services & CFO, as Interim President & CEO.

On Friday, May 8, President & CEO, Dr. Trent Keough resigned to the Board of Governors Chair, Shelley Powell.

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In a press release Powell said she was pleased to announce Mountain’s new role.

“Dale has the confidence and full support the Keyano College Board of Governors, which he has earned through demonstrated performance and his commitment to address issues and pursue opportunities for the College.”  

Mountain acknowledged the contributions Dr. Keough made to the College wished him the best.

“Our College, and the community in which we live is in unprecedented times. I am confident with the support of our employees, my Executive colleagues, the Board of Governors, our community and stakeholders, we will prevail and better days are ahead” said Mountain.