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Canada Post resuming delivery to most parts of the city

Last Updated May 14, 2020 at 11:59 am MDT

PHOTO. McMurray Aviation took this photo of the Canada Post delivery facilities on Thursday, April 30.

Canada Post is in the process of getting an alternate delivery facility up and running next week after the flood impacted their main postal office.

The new location will be set up to process mail and serve those who had a mailbox at the main post office at 101-19 Riedel Street and the retail post offices at the River City Shoppers Drug Mart and the Clearwater Sobeys. More information about the new location will be released on Tuesday, May 19.

As of Thursday, May 7, Canada Post resumed delivery to areas not affect by the flood and as of today they are resuming delivery of mail and packages to many parts of the evacuated areas.

Mail and parcels have been secured at one of their facilities where it is unsafe to make deliveries.

Those who are displaced due to the flood can get free mail forwarding for one year. Registration must be done online before May 31.

If you received a delivery notice card for package pick-up, verify the address to ensure you go to the right postal outlet at either 190-121 Signal Road or 103-112 Riverstone Ridge. You are reminded to bring a valid government-issued photo identification.

If you have not received our socio-economic cheque it is available for pickup at 190-121 Signal Road in Thickwood.