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Homeowners reminded about safety permits for rebuilds

A flooded neighbourhood along the Clearwater River in downtown Fort McMurray, Alberta is shown on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Officials in Fort McMurray are keeping a close eye on river levels after a 25-kilometre ice jam caused major flooding and forced about 12,000 people from their homes. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Greg Halinda

As the rebuild from the 2020 River Break Up Flood continues, the RMWB reminded residents to obtain appropriate permits.

Safety Codes Officers may fine contractors who rebuild without a permit.

CAO Jamie Doyle said safety and support for residents are important.

“It is essential that all contractors, including those based locally, apply for and obtain permits while working with us to ensure community members can safely remediate, restore and rebuild. Our region is known for its safety culture and taking care of each other. We have full expectation that the permitting process will be followed because our residents deserve for safety to be put first.”

RMWB Council waived fees for permits supporting flood recovery.

Depending on the type of permit issued, they generally take between one or two business days to produce.

For example, building permits take two days to produce.

Also, the RMWB may issue permits electrical, gas and gas appliance, and plumbing work on the same day.

Any violation of the Safety Codes Permitting Bylaw may result in a municipal tag of $500, or a violation ticket of at least $1000.

The Municipality will also attach a $100-per-day fine for ongoing non-compliance.

The property owner is responsible for the permits to ensure the safe work on the structure, electrics, gas and plumbing systems.

For more information or to speak to a Safety Codes Officer, call the Pulse line at (780) 743-7000.