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Clean drinking water restored for Lower Townsite

Looking toward downtown Fort McMurray from lower Thickwood. Archived photo taken by Jenna Hamilton.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) lifted the Boil Water Advisory in Fort McMurray’s Lower Townsite.

Deputy CAO Matthew Hough said work continues to restore service through the rest of the urban service area and Saprae Creek.

“I’m happy that we’ve been able to restore clean drinking water to the Lower Townsite but there is more work yet to do.”

Hough said AHS lifted the advisory for the downtown, Grayling Terrace, Longboat Landing, MacDonald Island, Waterways, and Ptarmigan Court.

AHS recommends residents do the following before using the water.

  1. Flush all taps for five minutes.
  2. Ensure equipment with water line connections like refrigerator ice and water dispensers are drained, flushed, cleaned and disinfected according to manufacturers’ recommendations.
  3. Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle according to manufacturers’ recommendations.
  4. Drain and refill hot water heaters that have been set below 45 degrees Celsius.


Residents with cisterns should also flush, drain, and clean them.

Hough said the next phase of the water restoration plan includes Abasand, Parsons Creek, and Thickwood.

While subject to change, he estimated the timeline to restoring water service within one week.

The RMWB estimated the lifting of the advisory for Fort McMurray and Saprae Creek within the next three weeks.

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For information on how to use water safely during the advisory, consult the AHS website or call HealthLink at 811.