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Keyano College takes to the skies

PHOTO. Keyano College Executive and McMurray Aviation owners and staff stand in front of airplanes at McMurray Aviation after signing the program agreement. Supplied by Keyano College.

New this fall, Keyano College will house a Business Aviation Diploma program.

In partnership with McMurray Aviation, the two-year program will combine 12 aviation and eight business courses.

Students that graduate from the program will obtain a Commercial Pilot License and a background in business.

Vignesh Rajasekar, McMurray Aviation’s Chief Flight Instructor, said the program is open to all students regardless of flight experience.

“This is one of the very few opportunities in Canada where potential students can apply without any prior aviation experience as most programs require a private pilot license.”

McMurray Aviation first approached the College in 2018.

The jointly-commissioned Needs Assessment Study, which concluded last year, found an increased demand for pilots and management professionals.

These were due to industry growth, regulatory changes in continuous flying hours, and trends in retirement.

The program will have two specializations.

They are Airline Operations, which covers larger aeroplanes and commercial pilot stream, and Northern Operations, which deals with floatplanes, smaller airstrips, and lakes.

Both streams offer the following common courses:

  • Crew resource management
  • Pilot decision making
  • Private pilot license
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Wilderness survival


Vice President of Academics, Fred Russell said Keyano College continues to diversify its program base.

“This program addresses a skills shortage gap, it removes barriers to those wanting to join the aviation industry, it is a great example of an industry and College partnership, and it provides very exciting opportunities for students within our region.”

Keyano said McMurray Aviation possesses all up-to-date and relevant Transport Canada certifications.