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Ebus to bump up service to Fort McMurray

PHOTO. Ebus and Red Arrow bus service will resume in Alberta on June 11 with a limited route schedule, including Fort McMurray and Edmonton, and a Safety Clean Program to keep staff and passengers safe. Supplied by Ebus/Facebook.

Ebus announced it will increase service between Fort McMurray and Edmonton starting August 10.

Both Ebus and sister company Red Arrow returned to Alberta roads with a modified schedule on June 11 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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On that day, parent company Motorcoach unveiled its Safety Clean Program.

  • All passengers must wear face masks, which will be available for purchase.
  • Ebus and Red Arrow will apply physical distancing rules in all offices, during check-in, embarking, onboard, and disembarking.
  • Staff will use enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols and products like electrostatic sprayers on high traffic or frequently touched surfaces.
  • They added these sprayers wrap around and evenly coat various surfaces with appropriate amounts of sanitizers and disinfectants.


Ebus service between Fort McMurray and Edmonton Ebus will operate eight times per week, or four days southbound and four days northbound.

More information about Ebus and Safety Clean is available on the company website.