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Wood Buffalo RCMP release list of safety reminders for back-to-school

A sign outside the Wood Buffalo RCMP Timberlea detachment.

With schools across Wood Buffalo scheduled to reopen fully on Sept. 8, Wood Buffalo RCMP released a list of safety tips for residents.

Police said motorists must pay greater attention to the increases in vehicular traffic, cyclists, and pedestrian traffic.

  • Be aware of school buses that are stopped: Stop your vehicle and do not pass a school bus that is flashing alternating red lights. 
  • Observe school zone speeds: Children will be out throughout the day for recess, lunch, some classes, not just before and after school. Slower speeds can improve the reaction times of drivers.
  • Obey the crossing guard: Follow their direction as a child, particularly a small child, may still be crossing where you cannot see.
  • Watch for children between vehicles who may enter the roadway.
  • When pedestrians are crossing the street, come to a complete stop before the crosswalk: Do not block a crosswalk with your vehicle or park within 10 metres.


RCMP also remind drivers to obey all signs and parking directions in school zones.

Motorists cannot double park in the drop-off and pick-up lanes nor park in the no stopping or parking zones, or near a crosswalk.

Wood Buffalo RCMP said parents have a part to play in teaching their children about road safety.

When waiting for a school bus, police recommend children stand away from the road and wait for the school bus to make a complete stop and the doors to open.

Children must walk more than 10 feet away when crossing in front of the bus upon exiting so the driver can see them.

Parents can prepare their children by practising the route to school and discussing other safety scenarios.

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Alberta schools are open for staggered re-entry from Aug. 31-Sept. 4, 2020.

Schools officially open for all students and grades on Sept. 8, 2020.