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Fort McMurray man pleads guilty to firearms-related charges from 2018 arrest

Last Updated Oct 26, 2020 at 1:05 pm MDT

Fort McMurray Court House. MYMCMURRAY/Phil Wood

28-year-old Nicolas Moores has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail in relation to a 2018 incident inside a Fort McMurray restaurant.

Police, who said there is a link with Moores and organized crime, arrested him on Feb. 21, 2018.

At the time of his arrest, RCMP said Moores had a loaded handgun tucked into his waistband.

He was one of three men arrested by police during in an ALERT operation in Edmonton and Fort McMurray.

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Court sentencing

On Oct. 23, 2020, Moores pleaded guilty to six of 23 firearms-related offences.

He received three separate charges for possession of the following loaded and restricted firearms:

  • A 9mm handgun
  • A 22-calibre handgun
  • A rifle


Each charge carried a 2.5-year sentence, which Moores will serve concurrently.

Moores also pleaded guilty to two separate counts of possession while having an outstanding firearm prohibition, and possession of a firearm without a license.

Those three charges carry a maximum sentence of six months that Moores would serve concurrently.

Moores received six months credit for time served.

He has two years remaining on his sentence.