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Council approves fine reduction, calls for review of Roads and Transportation Bylaw

Last Updated Oct 27, 2020 at 10:25 pm MDT

PHOTO. Supplied. Street sweeping being April 26, 2017 in the RMWB, residents are reminded to watch for parking signage.

RMWB Council met in-person and virtually on Oct. 27.

Mayor and Councillors approve of a motion to amend the Roads and Transportation Bylaw.

Motorists who choose to pay a parking violation fine within seven days will receive a 40 per cent reduction to the fine.

Councillor Jane Stroud argued for the 40 per cent compared to the original 25 per cent the administration recommended in its report.

“I think it is fair in today’s economy to reduce [and] bring us in parallel with the other municipalities in Alberta.”

Stroud said in her conversations with residents they expressed concerns about the costs.

She added the 40 per cent reduction takes into account the higher cost for the actual fines.

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The report found most RMWB fines are, on average, over $40 higher than other Alberta municipalities.

For example, the fine for parking within 10 meters of a cross-walk or intersection in the RMWB is 31 per cent higher than the average fine in Alberta.

The fine for illegally parking in a “disabled” stall in the RMWB is $500, nearly double the provincial average.

Councillor Sheila Lalonde said she would vote against the 40 per cent reduction.

“I’m of the philosophy that if you’re going to break the law, you’re going to pay the fine. Plain and simple; no giving lawbreakers a break.”

RMWB Council approved the amended motion by a 7 – 1 margin.

Stroud then added she would bring forward a supplementary motion.

Stroud argued Bylaw No. 02/79, which the administration updated in 2002, is due for a review.

She brought forward a motion calling for the proposed revised Roads and Transportation Bylaw to return to Council before April 2021.

RMWB Council voted unanimously in favour of Stroud’s motion.

Athlete Recognition

Council also reviewed an update from the administration on its Athlete Recognition.

Administration presented its report to follow through an outstanding resolution Council passed on Nov. 29, 2019.

The hope was to recommend policy relating to athlete recognition in the region.

The administration determined the RMWB does not need a separate policy.

While RMWB Council voted unanimously to accept the review as information, Councillor Lalonde said she will bring forward a motion during Budget.

Lalonde said the region should do more to promote its Olympic athletes, alpine skier Shannon-Ogbnai Abeda and cross-country skier Graeme Killick.

“We should be screaming from the top of the hills that we raised, as a community, two youngsters who have made it to the Olympics, and I can’t believe how difficult it is.”

CAO Jamie Doyle said a feasibility study is underway to address that issue.

Abeda and Killick competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics with Abeda competing for Eritrea and Killick representing Canada.

FCM Standing Committees

RMWB Council endorsed Councillor Jane Stroud as she applies for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Standing Committees and Forums.

Stroud said she welcomes any appointment, though she expressed an interest in sitting on the FCM International Relations Committee.

“The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is a major economic engine for Alberta and for Canada. The RMWB is located in the world’s third-largest oil reserve. I realize we’re in a downturn in the economy at the present time due to oil prices [and] we also need to push to get our oil to international markets. I believe our municipality needs [this] membership participation.”

Here is a list of the other FCM standing committees and forums:

  • Community Safety and Crime Prevention
  • Conference Planning Committee
  • Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development
  • Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Government
  • Municipal Finance and Intergovernmental Arrangements
  • Municipal Infrastructure and Transportation Policy
  • Northern and Remote Forum
  • Rural Forum
  • Social Economic Development


Mayor Don Scott also introduced a motion titled “Energy Industry Advocacy”.

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The next RMWB Council meeting is Nov. 10, 2020.