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Winter Maintenance Subzones 3 and 4 activate Monday

PHOTO. Supplied. RMWB. Winter Maintenance Zones facilitate snow plowing and removal, as well as other routine maintenance.

Winter Maintenance Subzones three and four will activate the week of Nov. 16.

From Nov. 16-20 on-street parking restrictions will be in effect in these areas between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The municipality is asking you not to park on the street, even if the plow has come by, to ensure windrows larger than 15 cm are cleared.

Parking on the street in an active subzone could result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed.

The fine for on-street parking while a subzone is active is $120.

If you’re not sure what zone you’re in, use the municipality’s Find Your Zone tool.