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Arts Council Wood Buffalo launches online store for local artisans

PHOTO. Supplied. Arts Council Wood Buffalo.

Arts Council Wood Buffalo(ACWB) members now have an online space to sell their artwork.

Executive Director Liana Wheeldon said Marketplace gives artists from our region the opportunity to develop as entrepreneurs and gives them a new place to showcase their work.

“Marketplace is unique for our region because it features only local artists, but anyone from around the world could shop for art made in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.”

She added that given our current economic climate, selling art has become even more challenging.

Marketplace can be used by all local artisans by registering for one of three ACWB membership options.

While Marketplace is free from ACWB members, there is a five per cent commission that is charged to cover PayPal transfer fees.

Nearly 60 artists pre-registered for the online store in August.

The project was funded by the Canadian Red Cross as a part of the Arts Recovery Project.