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Councillors ask for MLA Pat Rehn to resign

Last Updated Jan 6, 2021 at 12:57 pm MDT

SLAVE LAKE (660 NEWS) – In the wake of the controversy surrounding Alberta MLAs who travelled outside of the country, councillors in the town of Slave Lake are asking for MLA Pat Rehn to resign.

Rehn took a trip to Mexico over the holidays despite the recommendation of non-essential travel during the pandemic.

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A letter written to the lesser Slave Lake representative expresses council’s disappointment with his performance at the job.

Councillors also listed several grievances including a lack of hard work advocating for the interests of people living in the community.

The letter states that Rehn doesn’t live in the riding anymore, and apparently does not engage with citizens or officials.

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The mayor and councillors say they have lost faith in his abilities and are asking for him to step down.

In response, Rehn posted a statement over Facebook, saying he is taking full responsibility for some “poor choices” he made around travel and that he does in fact live in Slave Lake.

However, Rehn says he finds it very disappointing to see municipal officials seizing on this to try and sow political division at a difficult time.